Add a plan

You can add one or more plans to the cart and open the checkout afterwards:
abowire.cart.addItem({ sku: 'scale' });
You can execute these methods from anywhere in your application, for instance a button in plan JS:
<button class="plan-button" data-plan="premium">Choose the Premium plan</button>
<button class="plan-button" data-plan="scale">Choose the Scale plan</button>
<button class="plan-button" data-plan="enterprise">Choose the Enterprise plan</button>
const buttons = document.getElementsByClassName("plan-button");
for(let button of buttons) {
const sku = button.getAttribute("data-plan");
button.addEventListener("click", () => {
abowire.cart.addItem({ sku });
Although we don't offer a React wrapper at this time, you can use our SDK in React as well:
// example.page.tsx
const ExamplePage = () => (
<PlanButton sku="scale">Choose the Scale plan</PlanButton>
// plan-button.component.tsx
class PlanButton extends React.Component<PlanButtonProps> {
selectPlan() {
abowire.cart.addItem({ sku: this.props.sku });
render() {
return <button onClick={this.selectPlan}>{this.props.children}</button>
// plan-button.types.tsx
declare var abowire: any;
interface PlanButtonProps {
sku: string;
children: any;
Please note that you need to call the openCart() method for the cart modal to show. You can also call closeCart() to close it as well.