Checkout pages

The Checkout includes pre-built forms that you can use to collect customer information.
Some of the pages are optional and you can toggle them at account-level in Settings > Checkout or at a product-level when editing the plan, in the Checkout Settings section.
These are the pages you can use:
  • Signup (required) Here's where customers need to enter their email, accept the T&C and Privacy Policy terms.
  • Login (required) If email has already been registered, we ask them to log in (or reset their password)
  • Billing Information (required) Collect all relevant billing information
  • Personal Profile (optional) Collect personal information
  • Payment Method (optional)
    Select a payment method
  • Review (optional) Review the subscription or apply any discounts
  • Thank you (required) Show a thank you page and redirect to your site (if set up)