Abowire Connect

Manage and authenticate your users
Most applications out there need a way for users to signup and login to access member-only resources. You can build your own user management system and deal with this on your own or you can use third party solutions that solve this problem for you. Abowire lets you do both.
Abowire Connect makes it very straightforward to get started, since you don’t need a user management system of your own. Abowire Connect can handle your customer’s signup, login, email verification and password reset process for you. If you already have your own user management system (signup, login, etc), you can continue to use it and simply use our API to authenticate your users in Abowire. It will require some development effort on your end, but the resulting user experience will be seamless.

What kind of implementation are you looking for?

Option A: I want to use Abowire Connect, our built-in user management and centralize my user management in one place (easy, recommended)
Option B: I want to manage my users in your own application and seamlessly integrate the checkout without further logging in (advanced)