Customer Portal

Hosted self-serve Portal
Abowire also offers a self-serve, customizable Hosted Customer Portal, where users can log into and manage their account.
The Customer Portal works best if you centralize user management with Abowire Connect, but it is possible to use your own user management with the Customer Portal, by using Webhooks to sync the data.
In the Customer Portal, customers can:
  • Edit their personal information
  • Manage their subscriptions
  • Download their invoices
  • View received transactions and their status
  • View applied discount coupons
  • Change their password
  • Request their data
  • Request to delete their account

Integrating the Customer Portal to your app

There are multiple options to how to integrate the Customer Portal to your app.
  • You can directly link the Hosted Customer Portal
  • You can use an iframe the Hosted Customer Portal
To authenticate the users, you can use Abowire Connect or use the Customer Portal SDK.